What We’re Watching in 2015: Part 2 – TV Excerpt

TV: Doctor Who: Series 9 


After an explosive entrance almost a year ago for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, followed by a series chock full of emotional instability, childish feuds – and not forgetting the odd mystery or two – all culminating at the trademark cliffhanger of the penultimate episode (which by then I’d reckon a large portion of viewers had already figured out) there’s not been much in the way of news release on the subject of series 9. But now, as we sit merely a few days away from the annually anticipated – although frequently to no avail – Christmas special – this year titled Last Christmas – the first major scrap of information has surfaced for the depths of the BBC Cymru production offices. The first episode of Capaldi’s second full series as the 12th Doctor has been revealed as The Magicians Apprentice and is to be written by showrunner, Steven Moffat. Presumably a clear poke of fun to the repeated references and comments throughout Series 8 about the current incarnation’s chosen (being the operative word) attire. However, that along with the news that Jenna Coleman has once again changed her mind about leaving the show – to some Whovians’ disappointment – there has been little of note to tell. Still, those who are waiting with bated breath for Clara and her persistent irritating persona and attitude – excluding episodes likeFlatline – to be vanquished from our screens, need only wait a little longer as now, after it was originally thought that Jenna would leave the role after at the end of Last Christmas, thus paving the way for a new companion to be introduced and welcomed by the fanbase. During the lead up to Series 9, we now know she will in fact leave in a similar manner to Amy and Rory; halfway through the series. So, does this mean we’ll have to endure yet another excessive break in programming split by a companion-focused introductory Christmas special with the remaining Clara-based episodes airing next autumn and the rest of  Series 9 delayed until early 2016? Who knows? But with filming due to commence in January, it looks promisingly unlikely that that will be the case.

Doctor Who: Series 9 will be broadcast on BBC One in August 2015 | Words by Alex Graham


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