Track Review: 7.13 // The Mexanines

The Indiependent

Over half a year has passed since a 6-piece incarnation of the current quartet brought us two considerably more mellow tracks than we’d come to expect in ‘Fires’ and ‘Wonderland’, but we are now gifted with a stripped-back piano version of ‘7.13’, the brand new tune from The Mexanines.

Just in case it didn’t register the first time, I did indeed say ‘piano’ version; meaning no powerful guitar riffs, sharp basslines or rattling drums, just lead singer James Brander’s eerily emotive vocals and powerful range accompanied by a haunting arrangement of melancholic keys.

So, does this new song emit the same ‘Shimmer’ that the lads’ old tracks continue to do? Well, take it from someone who’s kept tabs on this band since their debut EP back when they were just a trio, I can say in no uncertain terms that from the make-up and style of ‘7.13’, it definitely…

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