The Indiependent Film Awards 2014 – Excerpt

BEST VISUALS: Interstellar (37.08%)

Many films this year have employed a vast variety of effects and techniques to further enhance the realism or character of their aesthetics. Peter Jackson’s conclusion to The Hobbit trilogy with The Battle Of The Five Armies, comedic-minded action auteur James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Disney’sMaleficent, and Gareth Edwards remake of Godzilla all more than warrant their inclusion in this category, but none more so than Christopher & Jonah Nolan’s mind-bending epic InterstellarFrom a layman’s point of view, a vast majority of the credit for achieving such accurate visual representations of the objects and beings that otherwise would only appear as such in our imaginations, may well be handed to the incumbent director of the project in question due to the salience of his or her role. However, for the most part, especially with a production on the scale of Interstellar with a large chunk of the film taking place in space, the buck must start with the science advisor: Kip Thorne. 

It is this man to whom we owe thanks for the incredible scientific accuracy of both the script and visuals as without the in-depth knowledge of a world-renowned astrophysicist such as Kip, the mesmerising extravagance of sequences involving both the wormhole and the black hole; Gargantua, may never have come to life quite as spectacularly as they have. Then we must acknowledge the incredible skillsets of both Cinematographer: Hoyte van Hoytema and Production Designer: Nathan Cowley coupled with their collaboration with FX studios; Double Negative and New Deal. Even those who’ve yet to see the film may have caught wind of the fabled ‘docking sequence’, a combination of inherent design expertise and pure photographic genius birthed from the mind of Hoytema. It was achieved by placing Crowley’s miniature effects models of both the Endurance space station & one of the Lander ships on a 6-axis gimbal, which is effectively a giant gyroscope. Now the proof is in the pudding, after all the aforesaid hard work, intellectual prowess and strategic guidance from Christopher Nolan, what we get is a thing of absolute iridescent glory.

Nominees also included in this category: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (20.22%), Guardians of the Galaxy (20.22%), Maleficent (15.73%) and Godzilla (6.74%) | Words: AG


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