Single Review: Don’t // Ed Sheeran

The Indiependent

As someone who wasn’t really a fan of Sheeran’s debut +, which seemed a rather conceited record above anything else, I was somewhat apprehensive but also hopeful of a considerable change with his follow-up. After a shaky start with ‘One’, Ed then went on to earn his first UK number one with ‘Sing’, going some way to quelling the doubt in my mind. Now the question is: did third single “Don’t’ finish the job?

Well let me put it this way: take a simple, catchy beat; add a bit of off-tempo piano then bring in the classic Sheeran combo of the stripped-back acoustic and emotion-filled vocals. There you have what I consider to be Ed most finely crafted song to date. As for the lyrics – have you ever listened to one of his articulate tales told along to a choppy, impeccably rhymed melody and not found yourself visualising it from the teller’s point of view? No? Then ‘Don’t’ is no…

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