EP Review: Another Man’s Poison (Self Titled)

The Indiependent

Ever wondered what a melodic casserole of classic rock n’ roll, rockabilly, punk and alternative rock garnished with a dash of blues and a hint of folk would sound like? Well, look no further than the self-title debut LP from Grimsby trio Another Man’s Poison. Now you may think that’s an awful lot to cover in just 25 minutes 39 seconds, but the way in which the band manage to cleverly combine various genres throughout each and every song using both subtly smooth and unexpectedly abrupt transitions makes it a whole lot more believable.

Listen to ithere: http://anothermanspoison.bandcamp.com/album/another-mans-poison-lp

Messrs Frederick, Robertson and Wrigglington have created a powerful ensemble of classically inspired riffs and rolling chords enunciated by a tactful combination of distortion and overdrive. To try and list all the influences audible on this record would be like attempting to count every single blade of grass on your front…

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