Album Review: Playland // Johnny Marr

The Indiependent

Two albums in the space of 18 months is almost unheard off these days, compared to 30 years ago where bands refuted the now commonplace philosophy of; write, release, tour, repeat and simply put out new music whenever it was ready. A prime example of this would be The Smiths, so it’s hardly surprising that guitar genie who instigated the band’s inception has kept to that very same process in his ongoing solo career.

As far as comparisons to Marr’s wondrous creations in The Smiths, that is pretty much it, aside from the Morrissey-esque lyrics (‘I’m a conceptual son/with an intellectual gun’) and eerie minor riff of ‘This Tension’ that wouldn’t sound out-of-place on Strangeways, Here We Come, for instance. Instead, we are presented with a consummately structured, iridescent improvement on The Messenger. 

Simply listening to areas of the record such as the stripped back opening to ’25 Hours’ and…

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